Responsive and Trustworthy Bangkok Real Estate Agency

"Apartments and Condos for rent in Bangkok"

We understand that buying or renting can be such a stressful business, so many properties, so many agents and so many choices in Bangkok it's hard to know where to start. However, help is near as it’s our job to take all the stress out of the process to insure you find that near perfect property and the process is as smooth as silk.

Our professional team have combined 25 years in the property business and we are skilled at making the process as painless as possible. Dare we say it might even be fun !

However, you should be aware that not all Bangkok real esate agents are the same. Sadly there are a growing number of unprofessional amateurs in the market. Bangkok Real Property however is not one as we are operated by a Thai registered company giving you peace of mind and security.

We offers clients the following services:

  • Help finding and securing condos, houses, apartments and commercial property for rental purposes in Bangkok.

  • Assistance for buying condos, houses, townhouses or land in Bangkok.

  • Help setting up your utilities such as Internet, cable TV, Drinking water services and a maid if you need one.

  • Most importantly we offer after free sales service so when you rent or buy a unit and have some issues we are on hand to help you and fix any problems

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